Success Barrier #1: What Keeps You Small?

If you’re like me, you’ve felt the right decisions, thoughts and plans were just out of reach. At times, it’s like there’s an invisible wall I can’t push past. All the answers are on the other side of that wall. EverythingInvisible Wall fits together perfectly … I just can’t get there from here.

Whether it’s a promotion, a project, or the right connections, that wall looms before me every time I step up to do greater things. I have a choice. So do you.

Most people quit banging their heads against that wall. They change major life goals to fit their current box. “There’s bills to pay, deadlines to meet, people to answer to. The future can wait. Maybe it’ll all sort itself out on its own.” They sink comfortably into a world of “good enough for now”.  Slowly the minds numb, and so does the sense of what all this stress and struggle called life is for, other than to keep existing.

Staying small to fit your job doesn’t guarantee job security.

In fact, if you want job security, you need to keep innovating and stay valuable. The bigger your personal and professional dreams are, the more you will stretch yourself to become the best you can be. That benefits your workplace. It boosts your ability to meet and exceed expectations.

3 Barriers that Keep Smart People Stuck, Frustrated and Unable to Catch a Break

This is an older video I released last year but it’s completely relevant as you plot, plan, agonize or dream about what you want to achieve this year (see video).

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