Career Booster #1: Know Exactly What You Want

Want to know what you should do to climb that corporate ladder and get ahead in life? the Cheshire cat in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland said it best. “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.”

Most people who share your morning commute want to advance up the food chain to get more money, more say in the type of work they do and how they do it, more support from subordinates, peers and managers … and more vacation time. Do you want to be promoted?WAIT! Before you say “Of course!” think very carefully.105940097

Will this promotion bring you the list of things you really want?

Have you ever accepted a role within a company only to discover it’s costing you far more personally than you ever expected?

Hours on the job, stress, responsibility without control over some key factors of success – every promotion or career change has a few hidden surprises. Just like marriage, you need to go in with eyes WIDE open, rather than fairytale hopes of “happily ever after”.

A promotion may seem like a reward or recognition for your work. In reality, your promotion is a strategic company decision. The company expects a return for their investment. Are you prepared to deliver that return?

Want to advance in your company? Have your sights set on a position? Start paying careful attention. What are the specific challenges of the person who performs that role right now? How does he/she overcome those challenges? What sacrifices does he/she have to make? If you had to make those sacrifices, how would you feel about your work? your career? yourself?

Your company offers you that promotion? Ask about the expectations they have of you in that role. That’s not a list of duties or responsibilities. Dig deeper. What actual outcomes does your company expect in 3 months? 6 months? 1 year? 2? 5? Are they willing to provide the time, talents and resources you will need? Will they give you control over how you achieve those outcomes? When you need to rearrange the talents and resources to meet expectations, will the company back you up?

Before you wish for, ask for or accept a promotion, know “… where you want to get to.” Not all promotions lead to “up”. Be just as strategic about accepting any promotion as your company is about offering it. Know exactly what you want out of your career, your time and your life. Know exactly what you are prepared to give and where you will need to draw the line.

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