The New Work Model?

If you are like most employees, you probably worry … what if you woke up tomorrow and didn’t have a job?

Your parents’ “job” culture (go through the public school system and possibly higher education to guarantee you will have a “job”; then spend your entire life building a career out of the “jobs” you choose or are promoted to) is almost gone. Your current employer may be right. You might be lucky to have a job … right now.

This “job” model is broken in our global economy. We can outsource cheaper labour that specializes in mass manufacturing. We can automate most of the tedious, time consuming duties we do at our desks, in our labs, on production floors.

So … what do you do when the terms of work you are offered will no longer meet your life’s needs?

Rachel Botsman says it best in her TED Talk as she talks about “Collaborative Consumption” and how it is changing the face of employment! Could this movement be paving the way for the new “job” model?

Right now we are transitioning through growing pains from Industrial Age thinking into the Information Age we’ve been creating and adjusting to for the past 40 years. What will this “post job era” finally look like?

Do you remember your elementary teachers and TV documentaries promising technology would mean 20 hour work weeks? 2 months of vacation? Endless free time to pursue more innovative and artistic areas of our lives? … wouldn’t that be nice – to truly benefit from technology and live our lives on our own terms?

I’m still waiting for my personal jet pack … but I believe we are approaching a day when we will be paid based on the value we provide, not the hours we clock. THAT day might just be here!

If you have a “job”, love your job, do your best, work on your greatest skills and build your credibility. One day, your credibility rating and the value you actually provide may be the only resume you need.