Video Conferencing: The New Skills You Need to Succeed at Work

Video is not only the future of communications, it’s the NOW for people on the fast track.

Travel, either by plane or vehicle, is becoming too expensive, both in actual cost and in time opportunity cost. Technology has become relatively cheap and easier to implement. Companies realize that video conferencing is not only an option to reduce costs, it’s an opportunity to increase more effective communication.

In our Communicating in the 21st Century workshop, we emphasize:

“The richer your message, the richer the medium you need to deliver that message.”  ~ Authentic Carol Carterism #11

While words are very important, how many times have your words been misinterpreted when all you’ve used is email to communicate? Email is supposed to make life faster and easier, but often costs us:

  • credibility
  • relationships
  • waaaaaay too much time trying to clarify meanings … often through escalated emails that need more clarification (someone finally picks up a phone or schedules a meeting to iron out the whole mess … sometimes after email privileges have been revoked by their companies)

In a full communication situation (in person), especially if any emotions are affected in the conversation:

  • only 7% of the message is interpreted through the words used
  • 48% of the message is interpreted through your vocal variety, tone, resonance, pace, pauses, etc
  • 55% of the message comes from your body language … even if you don’t think you use any. No body language sends a very strong message … that you are not to be trusted.

Video conferencing saves companies time and productivity. Video is replacing the dreaded time vampire of barely effective meetings. Video gives us the opportunity for efficient and rich communication more often.

  • Teleconferencing is not enough (ever tried to interject at a key moment in a teleconference? How well did THAT go over?).
  • Email is time consuming and leaves MUCH unresolved.
  • Meetings where everyone needs to get together in one place waste time and money, leave out key contributors working from other locations.

Video is here to stay. According to CISCO, video will replace email by 2014.

What does this mean to you? If you want to stay ahead of the pack, you need to learn to be authentic and credible on camera.

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