Do You Find You Have to Push People for Performance?

Lead the WayI’m usually grateful for a nudge in the right direction when my performance is suffering. The key word is “usually”. It all depends on how that nudge is delivered.

Stressed out Managers dealing with people challenges tell me things like: “I could see he was doing something wrong so I called him on it.” or “She isn’t performing at the level she needs to be. I had to say something.”. I get it. I completely understand. The manager is simply doing what comes naturally – calling a situation or a problem as it is, averting disaster, doing his/her job.

There’s another way of averting disaster that will make your job a whole lot easier.

If you simply do what comes naturally to you when you see a problem, you may be missing a brilliant opportunity … and causing yourself more harm than good.

Think about the last time you had to talk to a staff member about changing his or her performance. Keep reading below the following You Tube video of a TEDx Talk on leadership. In the video, Bob Davids includes a brilliant demonstration of the difference between pushing performance and leading performance. Listen to what he has to say about the gift of power.

In that moment where you see precisely what your team member needs to change, you have two ways to fix the problem:

  1. You can push from above, impart your knowledge and remind them of their targets and responsibilities, or
  2. You can come along side, see the challenges that person is dealing with from his or her level, meet your employee where he or she is at and demonstrate how to best move forward.

Which method do you think will create the best results, on-going loyalty and greater motivation to perform well on a consistent basis?

Power does not automatically come with position. The more power you take the more difficult your job as a leader will be. Make a habit of empowering the people you lead. Know them. See their challenges through their eyes. Understand where they are coming from and then, at their side, demonstrate the way to move forward. You’ll be amazed at the ongoing results you create and the power your people will provide to help YOU move forward in YOUR initiatives.

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