Motivating a new generation of Workers

Have you heard complaints about the young people entering today’s workforce? I have a 19 and 21 year old who have 19 and 21 year old friends. I do know the challenges of leading this generation BUT … are these young workers any different than we were when we entered the workforce?

Do you remember being 18, 19, 20 … 21 … frustrated because you had ideas that no one would listen to? Your young, sharp mind was full of possibilities and very few limitations. You wanted to make a difference in the world. You wanted to do work that mattered. You weren’t taken seriously and, still unsure of yourself, you likely didn’t push too hard. You were told that you didn’t know enough, you didn’t understand the way things had to work.

Do you remember being ignored or worse, being told to sit down, be quiet, do your job and be happy to collect a paycheque?

How did this make you feel about your job?

We all want to work for a leader that inspires, guides, empowers and, for the most part, stays out of our way so we can learn, grow and do our best possible work. We all want to find a company with GOOD leadership that:

  • listens
  • values its innovators (its staff),
  • recognizes and encourages strengths and
  • believes in authenticity and constant improvement.

Most of all, we all need to be acknowledged as a person, not a number. We all need to know our work has value and we are making a difference in the big picture.

This new generation is exactly the same. They just show up differently in the workplace than we remember ourselves. There are many reasons for this. (Contact me for a list of reasons at

I ask all leaders to look for ways to encourage and challenge their young workers … and their entire workforce, to push themselves beyond their limits and make your company greater than you thought possible.You may be surprised by the results!

Jansen Media’s very inspiring interview with an innovative company called KidsNRG. 


“The possibilities and implications are endless and insurmountable”            ~Danny Smith

What if we all showed up for work each day with this attitude and non-limiting belief?

Maybe, while we teach this new generation what we know, we can learn from them as well. We can learn something we’ve forgotten over years of being told to sit down, be quiet, do our jobs and be happy to collect a paycheque.

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Sincerely,     ~ Carol Carter ~

Liezl says:

i think it all boils down to culture and local coporate responsibility. Most employers in this part of Asia, fail to see the connection and dare i say, logical importance, of spending money to motivate and enrich the employees. More often than not, the mentality is firmly directed towards getting the most out of workers, for the least possible expense. its an unfortunate truth isnt it? Regardless of how deep the pockets are, the arms never seem to reach too far into them.But again, to expect google’s level of extravagance is unreasonable, however, the reasoning behind the strategy should really not be so hard to grasp. bravo to companies like google and pixar, for redefining the workplace for the future.As for us, here in asia erm.. dont hold your breath 🙂