What Truly Motivates Employees (Pssst! It’s not what you think!)

Have you ever wondered why simple monetary incentives work on some people, but not others? Have you ever watched monetary incentives actually demotivate people?

I’ve seen company sales contests completely alienate employees.

WAIT! These are SALES people! They are SUPPOSED to be driven by cash rewards, yet the whole idea of dialing for dollars in a day to win the cash prize left them hating their jobs, their colleagues and their bosses who created the contests.

Below is a brilliant video that finally reveals the shocking truth about motivation. My question is, if they had these studies and professionals worldwide found the same results, why wasn’t this information made headline news?

  • Why are we still operating on archaic reward principles?
  • Why are we STILL not allowing our innovators – our staff – come up with ways of making the company better for our clients and colleagues and put these ideas into action?
  • Why are we still holding their noses to methods and principles that do not motivate them and expecting them to produce the same results in a completely different economy?

Things that make you go “Hmmmmm …”

RSA Animate Video featuring Dan Pink, author of “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us”. By the way, I am reading this book right now. It is VERY good!

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