Communicating For The 21st Century Workshop

When was the last time you crafted a formal snail-mail letter that didn’t involve accounting, legal issues or a sales pitch? Do you remember the days when typewriters were faster than computers?

Now we text, tweet, instant message, post and email as fast as our fingers can move. Communication has changed forever … for better AND for worse. This change has happened so fast that our education system has not had a chance to catch up!

Email Communication IssuesDo you have an email miscommunication horror story? I’ve heard a few career killers, and MANY uncomfortable tales. Would you like your team to stop wasting time and energy? Do you want communication to be easy and get results?

In our Communicating for the 21st Century Workshop we tackle the tools (and best use of those tools) for today’s workplaces:

  • Effective MEETINGS (both formal and informal).
  • Face-to-face discussions
  • Email
  • Other forms of electronic messaging
  • Social media
  • Memos (yes the memo is still alive and kicking)
  • Reports, proposals and documents
  • Telephone
  • Video
  • Public Speaking (having this skill sets your career head and shoulders above the rest)

After this workshop you will know which medium to use when and exactly HOW to use that medium.

You will also know:

  • what builds and what destroys credibility,
  • how to overcome the blocks that prevent your messages from being received the way they were meant, and
  • how to communicate for better time management

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