Speech (and Speaker) Tweaking Offer

Got a speech to do? Need Help? FAST?Speaker Tweaking

All eyes and ears are focused on you. Here’s your chance to be known as the confident, competent leader you are! What if … (insert whatever fear is running through your head here)?

Or … what if you deliver your best speech ever?

Yes, you can! I can help you…

  • Gain career changing skills.
  • Have instant credibility with all you meet in any social situation
  • Become the sought-after expert in your field
  • PLUS learn tricks and tips for quick memorization, effective practice and consistent delivery.

Three speech tweaking packages available:

  1. The quick fix: No time? Need a quick review and some tips? Send me your written version of your speech. I will send you a quick questionaire, review it your speech and send you written revisions PLUS fast and solid memory, practice and delivery tips to get you through the crunch in fine form! Cheap and fast $97
  2. Your Greatest Speech EVER: We will work your speech into your own personal masterpiece through written, verbal and video interaction. You will receive personal one-on-one coaching, written, verbal and video feedback you will use again and again for ALL your future speeches. Huge value one-on-one coaching for only $697
  3. The Speaker Tweaker: Need to deliver a variety of speeches for business or non-profit? Want skills that set you apart and make your speech crafting and delivery impactful, easy and fun? I’ll send you a quick questionaire to discover where you are at and what level you want to be and we’ll work on getting you there FAST! Price will be quoted based on your personal needs.

Gain the skills that set you above 95% of the rest of the world! Let’s get started TODAY!

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