Transforming Leadership Workshop

Equip your leaders with both management and leadership skills that will make your staff rave about their workplace and your clients rave about your staff.

  • Reduce absenteeism (and “presenteeism”)
  • Close communication gaps
  • Eliminate infighting
  • Increase productivity
  • Spend less time dealing with “people stuff” and more time focusing on the future.

This program helps leaders from the CEO of a top functioning company to the lead hand on the shop floor to …

  • Know what they are doing well and why it’s working
  • See what they can improve and how that will will effect their influence and credibility
  • Discover their blind spots and learn powerful strategies that work with today’s workforce

The number one reason employees disengage from their work and eventually leave is their direct supervisor. Give your managers and supervisors the skills to keep good people. Give them:

  • Solid Self-Leadership Skills
  • Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Cutting Edge Counseling and Problem Management Skills
  • Top Level Team Leadership and Motivation Skills
  • Time and Cost Saving Goal Setting and Accountability Skills

You can bring this workshop in-house to your team and have all your leadership on the same page, understanding the same concepts, aware of the same skills and able to help each other maximize the ROI of their learning experience.

CALL 778-668-8805 or email Carol Carter for more information

new-32199_150Transform Your Leadership ONLINE. Too busy to bring Carol in-house? Have only a few leaders who need training? Want to take the training YOURSELF? The Transform Your Leadership Online Program is 4 unique courses, each with:

  • practical challenges,
  • accountability features
  • opportunities each week for online group coaching
  • a Certificate of Completion at the end of each course for those who meet the graduation requirements.

Click HERE to give yourself or your team a chance to “work and learn” with this unique, comprehensive, fun and truly transformational series! Email Carol or call 778-668-8805 to talk about group rates.


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