How Do I Motivate OTHER People?

This is the #1 question I am asked at any leadership training I do.

Team leadership is not easy!

In a recent conversation with a brand new safety officer I could hear his frustration. “I really want to work for a company where the management and workers buy-in to safety.”

“Yes. Wouldn’t we all?” I replied. “If you were working for a company like that what would you do?”

“I’d be able to do my job much easier.”

“So … anyone could do it then. Why would they need you?”

It’s one skill set to identify what needs to be done and tell people to do it. It’s a completely other skill set to get people to actually do what you ask, and still another to get them to do it well. That’s the difference between monitoring a team and leading a team.

Whether you are a seasoned leader or a brand new supervisor, it’s tough to get and maintain people’s motivation in any team, or in any task. Why? In a nutshell – Because they aren’t you.

Watch the above video for tips and strategies you can use right away in the workplace, and even in your personal life. Feel free to share this with others who need to lead teams.

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Sincerely, Carol Carter

About Carol Carter

Carol is a team transformer. She cuts through the craziness and chaos of TODAY's workplace and helps leaders love their jobs again. Her live workshops and her online course "Transform Your Leadership" help people get "on track" and create REAL change that lasts, both professionally AND personally.
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