Temperatures and … Tempers

It was a hot, sunny, July day in 2006. I started that morning looking great in my Power Suit, hair perfect, just enough makeup to make me flawless. By 1:30 pm, my makeup had melted off my face, my hair had taken on a life all its own, and my patience lasted about as long as it took fried-18967_150to fry an egg on the sidewalk. “What kind of business owner doesn’t fix the air conditioning before the only three weeks of the year we really need it???!!!” I loudly shared with a co-worker … yes … within earshot of the boss.

How are the tempers around your office in the hot summer season?

Hopefully you have a fully functional air conditioning system. Mornings are brilliant with extra daylight, no need to struggle with heavy jackets, and that fresh, “new day” smell. By 2:00pm, everything has changed. You can think of about 18 places you’d rather be today, and so can each of your co-workers.

Here’s a tip fromĀ  Transform Your Leadership that will help “cooler heads prevail”.

When you feel that emotion start to rise from your stomache to your chest, bubbling toward your head …

STOPnumber-146021_150! Yes, physically say “Stop!” if you can (generally not good when superiors or subordinates are close by).

Just the act of saying this word, even if just in your head, will stop the mind from it’s current path and bring back curiosity. “Stay curious, not furious.” ~Carol Carterism #30



Step back. Physically take a step back. If sitting, physically push yourself and your chair backward.

This physical movement will help your entire brain look for a new perspective.


Breathe… In with the good, out with the bad.

When you are stressed your chest and neck tighten and your brain is starved for oxygen, which makes for lousy decisions (and more apologies later). Feed your brain. Open your chest and throat. You’ll feel, sound, and think better


Try this simple formula – STOP, Step back and Breathe – the next time you feel your temper rising. It may just keep the storm clouds from invading your office this summer season.

Tell me how it goes!

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About Carol Carter

Carol is a team transformer. She cuts through the craziness and chaos of TODAY's workplace and helps leaders love their jobs again. Her live workshops and her online course "Transform Your Leadership" help people get "on track" and create REAL change that lasts, both professionally AND personally.
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