Using Video to Build Credibility With Your Clients AND Your Team

As information increases faster and faster and attention spans and patience grow smaller and smaller, video is replacing traditional ways of communicating.

If a picture is worth 1 thousand words, then a video is worth 1 million. Those watching your video gain more information from your tone, emphasis on certain words, facial expressions, gestures and pauses than they can from reading a wall of carefully edited words on a page. Already many companies have employee orientation and staff education videos. We’ve seen video conferencing increase. Skype calls can include video. The latest iphones have “face time” capabilities.

Studies show that visual communications are twice as effective as verbal communications for learning and understanding. Think about the last instructions you gave employees over the phone … as employees become increasingly mobile or telecommute more often, video may solve some of the issues of making communication efficient. Video has already proven itself to shorten timelines on projects, saving budgeted costs, wowing clients and generating greater future opportunity.

It won’t be long before video will be a standard means of communication to clients, prospects and staff.

What does this mean for the camera-shy executive?
It means those with solid on-camera communication skills will gain a huge competitive edge over those without.

In other words, this is a shyness you NEED to eliminate.

This latest “addition” to executive leadership skills isn’t one to fear. It provides an opportunity to be embraced. With video you can:

  • ensure all staff receive the same information in the way you intended it.
  • create more of the know, like and trust factor you need to effectively lead others.
  • refer back to previous messages and ensure congruency without sifting through your own “wall of words”.

The key elements that separate “weak” on-camera skills from “solid” ones are:

  • clarity,
  • comfort level, and
  • credibility created by authenticity

Need help with your communication skills both on and off camera? Carol will help you to be credible, comfortable and absolutely clear about your on-camera communications … as well as your off-camera ones.

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Carol is a team transformer. She cuts through the craziness and chaos of TODAY's workplace and helps leaders love their jobs again. Her live workshops and her online course "Transform Your Leadership" help people get "on track" and create REAL change that lasts, both professionally AND personally.
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