What’s Possible and What’s Probable?


Okay, this will be good … OH NO! Why did I do this … AGAIN?

Skiing through trees terrifies me! Every time I ski through “glades”, my brain launches an unconscious battle between what’s possible and what’s probable.

What’s possible?

Maybe, just maybe, I will finally know the exhilaration people say they feel from glade skiing. Just maybe I will find deep, fluffy, untouched powder and emerge with a giant “WOO HOO!” like I see other people do.

What’s probable?

Well … more of what I’ve experienced so far … stress, fear, and a lot of “WHY did I DO this?”

I noticed that’s the kind of thinking I slip into whenever I try to tackle my major plans and projects. I start out thinking “Maybe, just maybe, I will finally know the exhilaration people say they feel when they bring a brilliant idea into the world.” This soon turns into stress, fear and a whole lot of “WHY did I do this … AGAIN???”

Does that happen to you when

  • you take on a project much bigger that yourself?
  • you pick up the phone to call THAT potential client … you know the one?
  • you sit down to have a difficult face-to-face conversation that’s long overdue?

This coming week’s Carol’s Coffee Corner (NOW going to video!!!) will tackle this subject. I’d love your insights and questions! What do YOU do when that dreaded fear of the probable creeps in to kill your joy? How do you tackle what terrifies you?

Click here to send me your questions! Share your thoughts! I WILL credit you on the NewYear2015TYLvideo if I use your musings in the clips!

I wish for you JOY and HAPPINESS every day of the coming year, no matter what craziness jumps in your way.


Carol Carter



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Carol is a team transformer. She cuts through the craziness and chaos of TODAY's workplace and helps leaders love their jobs again. Her live workshops and her online course "Transform Your Leadership" help people get "on track" and create REAL change that lasts, both professionally AND personally.
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